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What draws us to the automobile? For the average person a car represents transportation from A to B and individual freedom. To those of us that look at the car as the highest form of self expression, it is both form and function. How does it look? How does it perform? The car “hobby” is often split between the show and the track, very seldom do those two groups come together other than the label of “car guy” or “car girl”.

We build cars….and yes, we do build them in the most literal sense of the word “build”….because self expression through an automobile means never leaving it stock. As we travel to car shows and competitions, conventions and street meets….every one has a different take on what is a “custom” or what makes a car unique. Our job as builders is to take that vision the owner has and tweak it to produce a concrete representation of the abstract.

We strive for perfection in the craft and our work reflects that attention to detail. Not every build is a Ridler candidate, but every build is important to the keeper of the car and to us as well.

Carl's Custom Cars

502 N State Highway 342
Red Oak, Texas 75154
Phone: 972-617-9400